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Neil Farquharson Speaks At Leadership Lunch

Neil Farquharson

Neil Farquharson discussed email protection as well as the need for using security methods to safeguard employee emails during his presentation with the 2015 Chief Information Security guard Leadership Lunch in Dallas on Oct. 21. As part of his presentation, Farquharson noted that today's organizations must find solutions to protect employee emails that they'll access from other mobile devices without notice.

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Based on Farquharson, data breaches are fast-becoming common for organizations of any size. However, he remarked that password management tools will help a company safeguard its sensitive data. Farquharson also said email encryption technologies will help a corporation safeguard employee emails against malware, viruses and other cyber threats: "Everybody on this network is already being paid by some type of central authority. We understand that when we send an email to anyone else within the community of trust, we can have confidence in them if you love. And this is what�s meant by transparent email encryption."

Farquharson pointed out that transparent encryption is vital, specifically organizations that have implemented bring-your-own-device policies. With transparent encryption, he was quoted saying organizations can secure employee emails without impacting employee productivity: "With transparent encryption, anybody with the other end receives the e-mail which is already at a negative balance box and are able to read very easily. And the only thing that�s handing out rrt had been encrypted while in transit over the proper Internet could be the blue banner or something similar depending upon the banner that you choose which says �this e-mail was encrypted while in transit

Post by neilfarquharson (2017-02-12 12:06)

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